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Future of Structures Podcast

With rapid technological advance, global warming, uncertain global markets and expiration of our worlds resources, the new challenges we face in the 21st century are a new set. Albert Einstein said "We can't solve our problems by using the same thinking when we created them". Meeting these new challenges requires a new level of inspiration and thinking.

In our Podcast we talk to the experts who are meeting these challenges to evolve our buildings of tomorrow. Adding this show to your weekly routine will keep you on-top of the industry so you can be at the forefront of change.

Jul 30, 2017

Emma is a director of sustainability at CBRE Pacific. In this episode we cover a lot of ground and learn about some of the different rating tools we use for our buildings, including:

- Well 

- Nabers

- Green Star



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Jul 13, 2017

CEO of ISCA Antony Sprigg.

In this episiode, we cover a wide range of topics with the CEO of ISCA, Antony Sprigg. 

- ISCA rating tool 

- Future of infrastructure in Australia

- How to get to zero emissions by 2050

- Are we moving fast enough

- Career journey and advice



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